English ESL

English ESL

We offer Level 1 and Level 2 English language training.

Join our program to:

  • Learn how to speak better English
  • Improve your grammar
  • Increase your conversational skills
  • Reduce your accent
  • Pass English literacey tests
  • Feel more confident speaking English

Come to our private evening English multilevel classes and learn through educational games and activities.

“I leave CAIWA with more confidence in myself knowing that I can do anything if I truly believe in myself. Sometimes we need someone to give us a push, to help us climb to the next step, being immigrant is not easy for many of us. Sometimes we struggle in many areas of our life and especially learning English but we are tough and smart people. We fight for what we want and we don’t give up easily.”


Do you want to

Improve your English?

We are offering Level I and Level II for only $100 for a 10 week program


  • What is the duration of the program?
    Tuesdays and Thursdays
    5-7 PM
  • Who can participate?
    18+ years old
  • When does the next class start?
    This program is currently not offered.
  • What is the cost?
    $ 250 Full package
    (see Flyer for individual course)

Apply for our ESL program