Programs & Services

Programs & Services

Education plays a very important role in Canadian society and in everyday life. Many newcomers to Canada come with hopes of securing a better future for themselves and their families. The saying ‘knowledge is power’ holds true and could even be changed to ‘knowledge is empowerment’ because of the great impact knowledge has on the lives of those who are given the opportunity to use their education to help them reach their personal potential. Education influences all facets of our lives and is instrumental in ensuring that individuals know and understand their rights, roles and responsibilities. As a newcomer to Central Alberta, you will find that learning through our programs is the key to securing employment, meeting new people and participating in your community.

CAIWA has a variety of educational programs offered free of charge or for very low cost to CAIWA clients. These programs include:

Family / Youth

Employment / Skill Training


The HIPPY Program empowers mothers as the primary educators of their children in the home and fosters their involvement in school and community. This helps to  strengthen mother-child relationships and to maximize succes at an early age.


The YESS (Youth Employment Success Strategy) program is designed to help youth, adjust to Canadian work life and gain experience at local organizations.


The NESS (Newcomer Employment Success Strategy) program are designed to help newcomers adjust to Canadian work life and gain experience at local organizations.

This program is currently not offered.

Financial Literacy

This program is designed to get you to understand personal finances and how to use your money wisely is an important skill that can help build a foundation for ongoing success.

This program is currently not offered.

Computer Training

Learn new skills or improve existing skills in this hands-on program that teaches you common computer skills required by most employers – including Microsoft Word, Excel, and creating Power Point presentations.

English Language

Level 1 and 2 English language training helps you to advance your verbal and written English comprehension and use of the language.

This program is currently not offered.


Workplace English

Work Place English a program to help those who need specific language training in order to excel in the work force. This program is part of YESS and NESS.

This program is currently not offered.

Health Programs

CAIWA has been involved in advocating breast cancer and cervical cancer screening and has helped many immigrant women and their daughters to learn about these devastating diseases and about early detection. We currently are looking for funders to help us continue with this very important service.

This program is currently not offered.

Collective Kitchen

CAIWA offers a “Collective Kitchen”. A group of immigrant women get together regularly on Sundays to Plan, cook and share healthy, affordable meals. Join us to learn about different cultures, practice English and break free from feelings of isolation.

CAIWA’s Collective Kitchen runs every Sunday from 9 am to 1pm and from 1:30pm to 5:30 pm. The cost to participate is $5.



We offer one-time and ongoing services and support as needs dictate. CAIWA can always be depended upon as your friend with a ‘helping hand’. Many clients and staff say that CAIWA is like ‘home’ where CAIWA is like the ‘mother who leads you and takes care of you’.

CAIWA facilitates immediate and ongoing needs of our immigrant women and their families through these services:

Red Deer Food Bank

CAIWA collaborates with the Red Deer Food Bank to help newcomers with low income that has difficulty purchasing enough food to avoid hunger. Come to CAIWA’s office on Monday’s to register and then come back to CAIWA’s office on Wednesday to pick up your food hamper.

Bread Donations

CAIWA also collaborates with Sobeys (North) to offer free bread every Monday from 9 am to 4pm at the CAIWA office. It is a good reason to get out of the house to meet some new people too and maybe check out some of our other programs and services!

Salvation Army’s

CAIWA partnered also with the Salvation Army’s to help the low income newcomers with certain baby needs and foods.