Reports & Research

Reports & Research

Central Alberta Immigrant Women’s Association (CAIWA) research programs and initiatives are focused on the issues, needs and successes of the Central Alberta immigrant community.

The results of these studies are extremely valuable for our organization and the stakeholders to better understand the importance of the various human capital factors, the social and cultural impacts immigrants have on the Canadian society, and the challenges they face in integrating with Canadian Society.

Stakeholders develop action plans and strategic initiatives based on the knowledge that is gained from these studies. Research outcomes lead to stronger well-being and societal integration for immigrant women and their families.

Research work:
  • Central Alberta Immigrant Women’s Economic Security
  • Making Life Easier and Immigrant Women Photo-voice
Safe Families:
  • Community Action to Prevent Family Violence within Red Deer &Area Immigrant Community.

“I was looking for a better life and an opportunity in Canada like everybody does. I thought that being in Canada, life could be easier for me, but I was wrong…suddenly this barrier came to me like lack of confidence, lack of hope, loneliness came to me, but the most that affect me is the language barrier…UNTIL…I found the CAIWA program. I am now a different person from way back before. I build my confidence. I have also learned about finance literacy, setting goals. They will also help you find a workplace where you can decide what you should do when you’re done in the program.”