Women’s Economic Security:

CAIWA in collaboration with RDC conducted a Gender Based Analysis that addressed immigrant women’s economic security. Five barriers were identified which include Language, Employer Accommodation, Job Acquisition, Unrecognized Credentials, Expanding Immigrant Women’s Horizons.

  • Community partnerships were developed through the process.
  • Specific partnerships that will support sustainability of the project include additional ESL classes; increased adult literacy programs offered through Central Alberta libraries; employment programs offered by CAIWA and CARE; and more funding opportunities for programs.

Watch the video of the presentation on the research project here.

Making Life Easier:

Red Deer College received funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada to partner with CAIWA to conducting a research that aims to assess program and services used by immigrant women in Central Alberta.

  • Immigrant women will give voice to their strengths and the challenges they face in their quest for a better life in Central Alberta.
  • The assessment of the programs and services will adopt the format of participatory action research employing Photovoice to collect and share knowledge about their experiences.
  • Central Alberta community service providers and elected leaders will develop strategies to improve the programs and services so to benefit immigrant women.

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Safe Homes – Community Action to Prevent Family Violence

CAIWA is collaboratively working with RDC Social Work and Sociology Departments to conduct a Gender Based analysis to support vulnerable immigrant families affected by domestic and sexual violence.

  • The research team includes three RDC professors, students and CAIWA project coordinator.
  • Focus groups have been conducted with immigrant women, men and service providers.
  • One on one interviews will be conducted with immigrant women and men.
  • RDC will analyze the data.
  • Community service providers will develop strategies to reduce the occurrence of domestic and sexual violence among immigrants.

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“The Women’s Economic Security Project has proven to be not only a game changer for immigrant women in our community and region, but for business industry, the public and not-for profit sectors as well. One of the great travesties immigrant women’s settlement experiences is that educated, gifted and incredibly proficient women contend with significant barriers that limit their access to employment and result in their significant under employment even when they are given opportunity to work. This project endeavors to change not only what we do as a community and country with respect to this issue, but challenges what we think about the current unfulfilled potential of the immigrant women who call Canada home. “

Mayor Tara Veer

The City of Red Deer

“As a Workforce Consultant I was thrilled to be a part of this initiative.  A part of our mandate is to ensure that the needs of vulnerable populations are met when it comes to employment.  The problem with that is we do not always know what the realities are for such groups.  Being a part of this project allowed not only me but my colleagues in Labour and Human Services to understand the barriers that immigrant women face.  One of the biggest surprises to me was the fact that most cannot access ESL classes due to the shortage of classes being offered in the community, resulting in long wait lists, as well as not having all the levels required.  Through the learning we were able to advocate for more training and as a result Human Services is now going to be offering additional sessions, which is an area they had not previously invested in.  Involving our employers also allowed for education and personal reflection on their part, which in turn will result in better hiring practices when it comes to this population.”

Nicole Lorrain

BMgmt, CHR – Workforce Consultant Labour, Alberta Works