Success Stories

Success Stories

Bawk Ra Lahtaw

Hi, My name is Bawk Ra. I am from Myanmar. I have been in Canada for 2 years and 10 months. I am so Blessed I got the opportunity to attend the YESS (Youth Employment Success Strategy) program.

In this program I have learned so many things and I improved my knowledge a lot. I feel more confident than before. The YESS Program encouraged me that everything is possible if I believe.
I learned here.

  • Work and Life Balance
  • Setting Goals
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Anger Management
  • Workplace Civility
  • Public Speaking
  • Financial Literacy
  • Employment Standards
  • Computer Skills and so much more.

I amazed myself because in such a short time we have learned so many different things and I got wonderful job shadowing experience too. The YESS program is amazing. It helped us to reach our goals and achievements. Especially people like me who don’t have community here. During our training a lot of guest speakers came and shared their experiences and talked about what we needed to know that is important to Canadian life style. I enjoyed the whole experience, it enabled me to recognize those things that I am already doing and encouraged me to continue exploring new possibilities.

I would like to say thank you so much to CAIWA who provided me allowance and my daughter’s daycare subsidy. It help me a lot. I wish CAIWA would stand forever. Another special thanks to CAIWA and all staff members including our teachers Mickey, Elvino, Laurie, all guest speakers, my peer mentor Janine and all my classmates.

I so appreciate everything. I cannot say thank you enough and I will never forget what you guys have done for me.

Thanks again and May God Bless You All!

Ena Joyce "Yna" Barbuco
Good afternoon everyone, on behalf of intake 8, I would like to thank all of you for coming and spending your afternoon with us.

First of all I would like to introduce myself to all of you. I am Ena Joyce Barbuco, Ena for short. I arrived here in Canada about 2 years and 5 months ago. I continued my studies here as a high school student and finally got my second high school diploma. (Yey!)

Not so long ago, I decided to take a year off before going to college because I do not really know if I am convinced about the course that I want to take. A friend then told me that he is attending a program where they will help you to set your goals and career in life. Well that sounds interesting why not give it a try!  It’s called Youth Employment Success Strategies; YESS for short. So I registered and committed myself to CAIWA for 12 weeks. No regrets. CAIWA gave me so many things to be treasured, from the very first day and up to this day. Mickey, one of our instructors, demonstrated so much patients just to deal with us every day. She always has those motivational quotes for each and every one of us and a super duper very exciting power point that contains a lot of knowledge and information about life, resolutions, managing your behaviour, resolving workplace harassments and so on. Elvino was our instructor too and he was in charge in computer and financial literacy he taught us so many things in different types of Microsoft. Talking about financial literacy? TIGHTEN YOUR BELT! This means cut one’s spending; live more frugally. That helpedme a lot especially because I was such a shopper and I couldn’t control myself shopping for things even if it had no use. Now I have control over my money and my wallet is happy. Save for the future!

We have done so many activities and fieldtrips and one of my favourite activities is when we did the Lego activity. You needed to build the same structure that your peer has without seeing but just by talking to each other. You can only communicate with him by passing a message to the assigned person. It is very important to communicate well. It can help you to understand what another person is saying. It also means that they can express their own needs and concerns. Some of these discussions may be difficult and emotional. You just need to be aware and be assertive. Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like ACCOMPLISHMENT.  Nobody said it was easy unless you learned it.

Other than that, everything was a very good experience and a very useful tool to brag about in the future. Thank you so much CAIWA staff especially to Laurie, Mickey, and Elvino who stands as our family, friend, mom, dad, or even a brother or a sister to us. Thank you for supporting us all the way to the end and giving us a hand when we needed it the most and to the funders who believe that we are capable to be in this program. Thank you.

Hilda Serrano
Hello everyone. My name is Hilda I am from El Salvador. First of all I would like to thank Mickey, Laurie, Elvino and all the C.A.I.W.A staff for beinga part of making me the person I am today.

In the Y.E.S.S program I learned many skills that will help in my everyday life as well as in my workplace in the future. Skills such as:

  • How to set my goals and be able to achieve them
  • Build my confidence
  • Computer skills

We also did the DISC where I found that I’m a high D. I had a lot of fun doing the house exercise where we built a house out of newspaper. It helped us to have a solid foundation in our lives, developed communication skills as well as team work skills. I have changed a lot since I started the Y.E.S.S program. Before I did not have the confidentin my-self and was really nervous to talk in class, but now I am more confident and I even got more involved in volunteering. I am lucky for the opportunity that I had to be in the program andto the ones coming to the program I just want to say “you are in the right place”.

Jessica Parada
My name is Jessica Parada, a recent graduate of YESS!!!!!

The program helped me to know myself better. I have learned a lot of things throughout the program. I have gained and got to know more about what my abilities are and what my skills are, but the most important thing that I have realized that I have gained more confidence now. I also learned how to make a professional resume and cover letter. I also learned more things about computers and Microsoft office, I really appreciate this program.

Jorge Mendez
My name is Jorge Mendez; I am a recent graduate from the YESS program.

Throughout this program I’ve learned a lot about myself, it has also helped me understand what I want to be in life. It has helped me to choose a career that will benefit me in the future.

I learned how to manage my time wisely at home and at the workplace. I’ve made new friends during the course and got to know them better with all the activities that we’ve done here at CAIWA.

I think it’s a great opportunity to help immigrants to get used to the Canadian workplace and lifestyle. I’d also like to thank all of the instructors for their effort and support to help us find our path and continue our journey. I didn’t know some things that I’ve learned in this program, but now I feel more confident about myself.

Joshua Duenas
Good Afternoon everyone! My name is Joshua Duenas I am here today to share a little bit of my experience with Youth Employment Success Strategies program (Y.E.S.S. program), and my opinion about this program.

First of all I will tell you about the human ladder trust exercise, its trust and how we should be able to trust our co-workers. At first Mickey gave us four sticks, told us that each person will hold each end of the stick, and one person will climb up across the sticks. I and my colleagues think and argue that we will not be able to do it, but as we started to step at the first stick and we did not think at all and we just put our trust to each other that we will be able to hold each end of the stick firm and strong.

Now I will tell you about how interesting are our instructors. I like our instructors because they are so persistent to teach us every single day, and encourage us how to be civilized. How we should act in a workplace environment, to sleep early at night so it will not affect our daily task at workplace. Last but not the least this is what I like the most how they give us feedback what we have done wrong or how we will be able to correct our mistakes.

Finally I am going to fill you in on whatI have learned that Ineeded to be successful in my career, and tell you how thankful I am to have met these wonderful people who taught us these things.

These are the things they have taught us:

  • Setting goals
  • Team work
  • Conflict resolution
  • Stress Management
  • Assertiveness
  • Time management
  • Work life balance
  • Spread sheet (Excel)
  • Word
  • Power point
  • Financial literacy

I never thought that I would have been given this chance or the opportunities to be able to learn all these things and be able to master some of it. I am thankful and so grateful to the people who taught us these things that we will be able to bring and share to others. Without my instructors I might not have had the opportunities to learn all these things that they have taught us. Thank you Mickey for giving me confidence that I needed, Elvino for giving me feedback, Laurie for being encouraging, and thank you Central Alberta Immigrant Women’s Association Staff for giving us treasurable moments for a short period of time. I hope that your program will continue to help more people like us, and give more joyful moments.

Jun Mitchel Decena
My name is Jun Mitchel Decena from Philippines. I’ve been here in Canada for 1 year and 10 months. I joined the Y.E.S.S. program in CAIWA after I graduated at Ã’cole Secondaire Notre Dame.

I am so lucky that CAIWA called me to be one of their Students in the Y.E.S.S. Program. For my 12 weeks of stay here, I have gained more knowledge and skills which I’m very proud of. I have learned how to set my Goals and to manage my time. I also increased my Self-Confidence to the highest level. I also learned how to manage my money. But most of all are the improvements that I made in my communication skills.

I enjoyed the Field Trips especially where we did the DISC. It really helped us a lot to improve our Teamwork and Communication skills. I also like when we did the Job Shadowing because they give me the opportunity to look what my job will be like as a plumber. And it really helped me to prepare for it.

Skills I also learned:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management
  • Assertiveness
  • Financial Literacy

It is a great opportunity to be here. The Y.E.S.S Program helped me so much to become a better person and have a good Career for the rest of my life. Special thanks to Mickey for teaching us all the skills and knowledge with her super exciting power point. To Mr. Elvino A for teaching us in computer skills. And to Mommy Laurie for the Everlasting support for us. Also thank you for all the Central Alberta Immigrants Women’s Association staff and members.

Abdelazim Adam
Hello ladies and gentlemen, brothers, sisters, friends and leaders.

My name is Abdelazim Adam, I am from Sudan and I have been here in Canada for ten months. Today I am very glad to be here with you at the Central Alberta Immigrant Women’s Association. First of all I would like to thank the Canadian government for supporting me to be here in Canada and to be one of the permanent residents in Canada.

Secondly I would like to thank the Central Albert Immigrant Women’s Association for offering the great opportunities to the immigrants, specifically for newcomers like me. Yes it’s very important for me as a newcomers to gain understanding of Canadian society and Canadian workplaces.

In fact I am very thankful and respectfully appreciate all the leaders of CAIWA and thanks very much for all the Associations that participated from different facilities, as they shared their different experiences, knowledge, skills, and qualifications with us.

I strongly believe we learned lots of information from the Central Alberta Immigrant Women’s Association about how to become self confident, how to deal with other situations, how to chose the right way for your life, how to create your future goals and how to help each other.

They taught us to think about our lives, and let our imaginations run free, but also to be wise enough to choose what is actually possible in reality. Sometimes we are confused but the confusion is part of life; we cannot avoid it, What we can do is to bring wisdom and insight to use in difficult situation’s whether or not we can change them.

I believe that Without darkness there would be no light and Without sadness there would not be joy. We need to Stop judging ourselves? banish the words “I should have”, and instead start being as kind to ourselves as you would be to a friend.

Michelle Orticio

Being in a HIPPY Program, it helps me built my confidence as my daughter’s first teacher at home and I could spend more time on my children on learning activities while playing and at night by reading some books that HIPPY provides, it creates a great parent- child relationships.
HIPPY curriculum gives my child a day to day learning experience, she develops a good learning habit and a positive self- esteem, and she is always motivated every week.
We are very happy for all the progress and development because she gets even more better and better every day and I am confident to say that she is ready for kindergarten.
She is also active in sharing her knowledge and some of her works to her little brother and sister which is a great bonding time with her siblings, they are all learned while playing and develop lots of ideas and enhancing their social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.

She is always excited and happy with all the books and every week activity materials that HIPPY provides.

Thanks to HIPPY and to our Home Instructor – Nataliia

I’m Michelle Orticio, a proud mother of Rae Mikaela Ocampo

Elma Labayog

I would like to thanks to all the sponsors and employee of the program to help people in needs/families, and extended thanks to AYAM AHMED, being there every week, my child will not be here without her.
The program has had a valuable impact on my child ‘s name Princess Lanel Hidalgo consideration of career choices and options down the road, beyond uniquely expanding her understanding and gained maturity and developing her communication skills.

As a mom, I was surprised at how diverse what she had learned on the program was the same where she was right now, and this is very helpful for the child, and I had also found out, my child to be more confident and excited to further the lesson and studies, she has been greatly inspired and has improved her skills.

Thank you very much for HIPPY Program, to continue helping families and we are so blessed to be a member of the program.

Very respectfully yours,
Elma Labayog