Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision and Mission


The vision of Central Alberta Immigrant Women’s Association is to ensure that immigrant women and their families are empowered to achieve their full potential as members of the Canadian society.


The mission of CAIWA is to provide a network of support to enable immigrant women and their families achieve a satisfying and secure life in Canada.

We will achieve our mission by providing opportunities for growth through educational workshops, awareness and information sharing sessions, employment training programs, essential skills, and leadership programs.

Guiding Principle

We value and respect the knowledge, experience and the skills of immigrant women and believe that by sharing their wisdom and solutions to the challenges of adapting to a new country, a strong support network will be built, to the enduring benefit of both the newcomers and established community.

Our Core Beliefs

Our core values are based on equality, diversity and equal opportunity for all.

  1. To provide information and resource materials through educational workshop activities which will enable immigrant women and their families to better understand the functions of the governing bodies, and systems of the community and country; and thereby promote an understanding and exercising of the rights, responsibilities, and freedom of all people living in Canada.
  2. To create opportunities to improve the employability for immigrant women and their families by addressing the root cause of the barriers they encounter, and help them achieve their full potential as successful employees and productive community members.
  3. To offer a continuum of client centered services, essential skill and job training programs designed to empower immigrant and refugee communities and build the attitudes and the confidence needed to be active participants of the Canadian society.
  4. To reduce isolation of immigrant women through an outreach program which makes them aware of, and puts them in touch with community resources for women. This helps to reduce the emotional trauma of settlement in a new country as well as trauma surrounding the events that led up to relocation.
  5. To provide opportunity for leadership training through participation in the Association’s decision-making processes as well as in workshops related to leadership development.
  6. To provide support, information and assistance to immigrant women on matters related to women’s issues, bullying and domestic violence, health and wellness and cross-cultural parenting.The goal is to foster their self-confidence, enhance their knowledge of the pertinent Canadian laws, and educate them on the resources available to them in these matters.
  7. To engage and provide support to the senior immigrant women, by making them aware of resources available to nurture their personal, educational and economic development.
  8. To cooperate and participate in the development of the community relations, in order to eliminate racial discrimination and promote understanding of multicultural issues as they affect immigrant women, their families, and the people of the community at large.
Our Obligations

To our Community:

  • Embrace Diversity
  • Engage with Respect
  • Hold the Hope
  • Motive with Dignity

To our Funders, Sponsors and Partners:

  • Accountability and transparency

To our Staff:

  • Commitment to equity
  • Sharing the vision
  • Demonstrating respect and dignity
  • Leading by Example

“CAIWA taught us to think about our lives, and let our imaginations run free, but also to be wise enough to choose what is actually possible in reality. Sometimes we are confused but the confusion is part of life, we cannot avoid it.”

Abdelazim Adam