we support and train Immigrant Families to be Resilient and to achieve their hopes and dreams

Welcome to CAIWA

Are you an immigrant youth, woman or family who is new to Central Alberta? Are you looking for information about how to cope in a new country? Do you have challenges with using the English language?

Are you looking for employment but feel unsure about what Canadian employers are looking for? CAIWA (Central Alberta Immigrant Women’s Association) has solutions for these and many more common concerns that newcomers have. We know what it is like to be a newcomer to Canada. We understand. Many of us have been there – feeling isolated, lacking confidence, uncertain about what is expected of us or where we can go for help.

How can we help you?

We, at CAIWA, have helped many newcomers to be resilient and to achieve their hopes and dreams. We do that through providing information, education and employment training. Our programs can help you find the information you need and offer you training in skills essential to employment in Canada.

  • Women’s Programs

  • Youth Programs

  • Family Programs

  • Computer Programs

  • Employment Training

Success Stories

“My name is Jessica Parada, a recent graduate of YESS!!!!! The program helped me to know myself better. I have learned a lot of things throughout the program. I have gained and got to know more about what my abilities are and what my skills are, but the most important thing that I have realized that I have gained more confidence now. I also learned how to make a professional resume and cover letter. I also learned more things about computers and Microsoft office, I really appreciate this program.” Read More
“My name is Jun Mitchel Decena from Philippines. I’ve been here in Canada for 1 year and 10 months. I joined the Y.E.S.S. program in CAIWA after I graduated at École Secondaire Notre Dame. I am so lucky that CAIWA called me to be one of their Students in the Y.E.S.S. Program. For my 12 weeks of stay here, I have gained more knowledge and skills which I’m very proud of.” Read More
“Good Afternoon everyone! My name is Joshua Duenas I am here today to share a little bit of my experience with Youth Employment Success Strategies program (Y.E.S.S. program), and my opinion about this program.
First of all I will tell you about the human ladder trust exercise, its trust and how we should be able to trust our co-workers. At first Mickey gave us four sticks, told us that each person will hold each end of the stick, and one person will climb up across the sticks.” Read More
“Hello everyone. My name is Hilda I am from El Salvador. First of all I would like to thank Mickey, Laurie, Elvino and all the C.A.I.W.A staff for beinga part of making me the person I am today. In the Y.E.S.S program I learned many skills that will help in my everyday life as well as in my workplace in the future.” Read More

Community Collaboration

Did you know that CAIWA works alongside Red Deer College (RDC) and other organizations to compile research on important topics that are essential to the wellbeing of immigrant women and their families?

CAIWA and our collaborators are committed to increasing community capacity to achieve positive change through education, communication, information sharing and by developing strategies that improve the lives of immigrants in Central Alberta.

Three of our most recent research projects are:

“Making Life Easier”, “Safe Home” research and “Women’s Economic Security”

CAIWA Collaborated with Central Alberta stakeholders, community service providers, elected leaders, and institutions (Olds College, Red Deer College, Burman University and high schools) to develop strategies that improve the lives of immigrant families.

Collaborate with us! Together we can make a bigger difference than either of us alone.

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