Our Partnerships:

CAIWA partners with many different people and organizations to achieve the best collaborative funding and strategies to help newcomer women and their families to start their new lives in Canada with encouragement and empowerment.

We partner and give acknowledgement and appreciation to through:

Partnership with Red Deer College (RDC)

Our research projects are a collaboration of Central Alberta Immigrant Women’s Association and Red Deer College. The duo is committed to increasing community capacity to achieve positive change through education, communication, information sharing and development of strategies that improve the lives of immigrants. Red Deer College contributes the expertise and work of professors in the field of Psychology, Sociology and Social Work, and students. For the last four years CAIWA has built a strong partnership with Red Deer College through conducting research projects that address financial and social barriers faced by immigrants.

The following research programs have been developed in partnership with RDC:

  • Women’s Economic Security
  • Making Life Easier
  • Family and Community Safety Program

“I leave CAIWA with more confident in myself knowing that I can do anything if I truly believe in myself, sometimes we need someone to give us a push, to help us climb to the next step, being immigrant is not easy for many of us. Sometimes we struggle in many areas of our life and especially learning English but we are tough and smart people. We fight for what we want and we don’t give up easily.”