Workplace English

Workplace English

Struggling to communicate? Misunderstood or not being understood at all? These are very stressful feelings for anyone especially when it affects your livelihood. You may even be taking ESL classes already but feel comprehension is lacking. This is where Work Place English helps.

Workplace English is a program to help those who need specific language training in order to excel in the work force.

“I leave CAIWA with more confidence in myself knowing that I can do anything if I truly believe in myself, sometimes we need someone to give us a push, to help us climb to the next step, being immigrant is not easy for many of us. Sometimes we struggle in many areas of our life and especially learning English but we are tough and smart people. We fight for what we want and we don’t give up easily.”


  • Workplace English is part of YESS and NESS program. For more information please check these programs.

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