YESS – Youth Employment Success Strategy

CAIWA has had amazing success with the Youth Employment Success Strategy (YESS) program, which is designed to help immigrant youths and newcomers to gain knowledge and experience for the Canadian workplace.

Funding is available for certain certificates such as CPR and First Aid. CAIWA also helps clients develop personal profiles and action plans for their futures.

Are you an employer?

The Canadian government supports employers who participate in this program by providing a 50% wage subsidy, up to $9 per hour, per person, up to the first 3 months of employment placement. This helps to cover training costs for small and medium sized businesses.

“I have been fortunate to be one of students of the Youth Employment Success Strategies (YESS) Program. In my 28 years of life I have learned a lot of things, but what I learned in here does not compare to the knowledge I had before. It will help me in future life. I have gained a lot of knowledge and I discovered things about myself like my abilities and skills. I learned to know myself better than before. Now I feel more confident and comfortable.”

Sayeeda Tanvir

  • What is the duration of the program?
    20 weeks in total
    8 week course
    + 12 week work placement
  • Who can participate?
    Permanent Residents of Canada
    Canadian Citizens
    Young Adults (18 – 30 years old)
    (not receiving Government support)
  • When does the next class start?
    Please contact our office.
  • What is the cost?

Apply for our YESS program